Innitiatives for the year 2017-18

  • Cashew processing – This job work is given to 12 units. Approximately each unit can process about 5 tons of seeds per month and will earn about Rs. 9,000 per month net profit to small unit. Each unit will provide employment to average 5 persons. 12 more units are in process and commenced their activities from November 2018 onwards.

Since 1990, research and training for fruit processing is being conducted on various fruits available in the district. Till date around 2500 people are trained for making Syrups, Jam, Juice, Pickles, Chocolates, Jellies, and Pulp etc. Around 45% of those have set up a processing unit which creates employment to Minimum 10 people each. Through organization, local fruits like mango, raw mango, black plum, and jack fruit etc. are purchased in substantial rates from around 125 farmers.

  • Baby Corn – We have conducted around 22 meetings of farmers from different villages and reached up to 250 farmers to promote baby corn cultivation. Out of which 80 farmers cultivated baby corn over around 45 acres of land. They will earn revenue of Rs. 28,000 per acre plus 16 ton green fodder for their livestock.