• MCED (Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development- Govt. Undertaking) had signed MOU with Hedgewar Prakalp and started training programme jointly from 2017.
  • Fruit processing – During this season of April- May’17, about 1.25 lakhs litre of squash and 40 tons of mango is processed, through 6 units. Each unit provides employment to average 8-10 persons. Processors gained net profit of worth Rs. 8 lakhs through this activity.
  • Around160 tons of Alphanso, 30 MT of Jamun, 30 MT of Raw Mangoes is being purchased and processed from around 700 farmers and provided local market to their crop which was otherwise wasted.
  • Cashew processing – This job work is given to 4 units. Approximately each unit can process about 3 tons of seeds per month and will earn about Rs.15000 per month net profit. Each unit will provide employment to average 5 persons. 10-15 more units are in process and will commence their activities from Dec’17 onwards.
  • Baby Corn – We have conducted around 70 meetings of farmers from different villages and reached up to 650 farmers to promote baby corn cultivation. Out of which 365 farmers cultivated baby corn over around 50 acres of land. They earned revenue of Rs.25, 000 per acre plus green fodder for their livestock.