Our Initiatives

1. Student Hostel

These hostels are not only providing shelter but also enriching students with good education, teaching independence, persistence and patriotism. Till date approx.4000 students have been facilitated.

2. Fruit processing and Training

Since 1990, research and training for fruit processing is being conducted on various fruits available in the district. Till date around 2500 people are trained for making Syrups, Jam, Juice, Pickles, Chocolates, Jellies, and Pulp etc. Around 45% of those have set up a processing unit which creates employment to Minimum 10 people each. Through organization, local fruits like mango, raw mango, black plum, and jack fruit etc. are purchased in substantial rates from around 125 farmers.

3. Cashew-nut processing and training

            Considering cashew’s ample production in district and its potential import, a cashew-nut processing training is being conducted through organization. Around 4500 people are trained from 7 states till date, of which 60% have established their own units.

4. Self Help Groups

Self Help Groups are formed and employment opportunities are created through the organization. Till date 25 such groups have been empowered.

5. Cluster development

Organization is trying to from clusters of fruit and cashewnut processors, who were trained through organization. Through these clusters, they would try to solve their difficulties as well as inform and follow up with various Government schemes for their development and success.

6. Agriculture / Baby Corn Cultivation and Training

Organization has been promoting baby corn production since 2014, to create employment and increase in milk production amongst farmers. With the motto of farmers’ empowerment, till date 200 formers have been approached.

7. Research and laboratories

To control every processing as well as to keep track of quality of every product, an advanced laboratory has been set by organization. It has been planned to advance till N.A.B.L Accreditation in future, so that all products from district would get standardized in the district itself. Many research programs have been conducted with I.C.T Food Technology Department, through M.O.U.

8. Rehabilitation Center

Organization’s student hostel has started a special activity since 2010. With the co-operation of Samatol Foundation, many children rescued from trafficking or kidnapping, from streets or railway station begging for livelihood, are given a chance to study in schools and take proper education. Till date organization has adopted around 10 such children, provided them good education and better future.

9. Hostel facility for youngsters

Organization’s hostel (Parampujya Tembye Swami Vasatigruha) has been helping many children, who come from financially weak or backward class. Many of such children are good engineers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs today and living successful and happy life.

This hostel arranges competitions as well as felicitates winning students. They also conduct career guidance seminars for std.10th and 12th Students. Every year min. 30 students pass out from this hostel, some of which has chosen to stay back and volunteers at the hostel.

10. Multipurpose hall

Current railway minister and former MP Hon. Mr. Suresh Prabhu funded Dr. Hedgewar Smriti Seva Multipurpose Hall, which is available for social activities. This hall was inaugurated by construction Minister Hon. Mr. Chandrakant Patil.

11. Cowshed

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and cows are backbone of agriculture. Thus it is important to protect them. Organization has been nurturing and favoring Indian descent cows since many years. Milk, Cow dung, Wormy compost, cow urine, scented joss sticks are some of the products obtained from cowsheds. Currently there are many Indian descent cows, bull and calves in organizations cowshed.